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Sportive leather mens sneakers - taupe - Product description

  • Sportive leather mens's sneakers inspired by running shoes
  • - combination of leather, sanded leather and suede
  • - in taupe, brandy brown, white
  • - soft green cushioned suede heels
  • - completely leather lined
  • - removable leather footbed / insole
  • - lightweight rubbersole with good grip
  • - in taupe, blue

Sportive leather mens sneakers - taupe

Color: Brown

Sportive leather mens sneakers - taupe

Articlenumber : 7816B


EU €129.95

Change currency: PoundsDollars

This product is out of stock in small sizes. You can look for similar products below. If you want to know when these shoes will be in stock again, please send us an email at

The Stravers Team

● Change a shoe regularly, so the shoe can recover
● Let shoes dry at room temperature
● Don't dry shoes quickly by heat, because then they can hardening and cracking
● Polish, leather shoes, regularly with shoe cream, so leather remains flexible and cared
● Brush and spray, suede shoes, regularly with anti-rain spray
● Elastic shoes need a special spray for elastic shoes. Don't use normal anti-rain spray
● Prevent that shoes get wet through and through. Protect them with anti-rain spray
● Snow and brine may cause permanently damaged to your shoes or boots

● Netherlands per order: € 4,95
● Belgium per order: € 9,-
● Rest of Europe per order € 16,- (in pounds: £ 13,- )
● Australia per order € 32,- (in dollars: $ 35,- or in pounds: £ 25,- )
● Outside Europe per order € 22,- (in dollars: $ 24,- or in pounds £ 17,-)

Returns & Refunds
● 8 day returns policy from the day you receive the goods
● You can exchange for other size or model.
● After checking returned article, we will refund your purchase price. See Terms & Conditions
● You can always visit our shop in Amsterdam to exchange, return or try other pairs