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Transgender and Crossdressers Shoes

Are you a transgender or tranvestite and do you have trouble finding appropriate shoes? A beautiful pair of shoes can give you a boost of confidence and show the world just who you are. But do you struggle to find stylish shoes in your size? Stravers Shoes has experience since 1960 with transgenders and crossdressers shoes. Small men's shoes for trans man and big ladies shoes for trans woman. Or for crossdressers large ladies shoes for men or small men's shoes for women.

All large size women's shoes
All small size men's shoes

About Stravers in short

Stravers Luxury Shoes is located in Amsterdam with fast worldwide delivery from stock. We focus especially on luxury shoes in large and small sizes. The Stravers Label shoes are designed by us and made in factories we select. With experience since 1960, we know what our customers want. That's why we have many regular customers. Are you the next one?

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Stravers Shoes has a long experience with shoes for crossdressers and transgenders

Because of Stravers special shoe sizes, Stravers Shoes attracts many customers for whom a change in gender identity determines their appearance. For them, finding a shoe that underlines their personality, can be difficult. At Stravers Shoes, a transgender or crossdresser will find a wide range of women's shoes and men's shoes in their size. Ladies shoes for men and men's shoes for women.

Trans woman fashion shoes

Trans woman, crossdressers and transvestites who want to look feminine have a lot of choices at Stravers. You can choose from pumps with low heels to large heels, ballerina's, loafers and (ankle) boots.

Big size women's pumps for trans woman

Large size women's pumps low heels

Large size women's ankle boots

Large size women's ankle boots

Large size women's flat shoes

Largesize women's flat shoes

Large size women's loafers

Large size women's loafers

Large size women's pumps

"Just a joke" - Cheaper platform pumps

Large size women's stilleto heels

"Just a joke" - Stiletto heels

Trans man fashion shoes

The shoes by Stravers Shoes are especially adapted to the requirements of an adult men's shoe in particular sizes. Trans man will find small sized men's shoes on a real men's last. Because of this, you no longer have to depend on boy's shoes, or even worse masculine women shoes for a neat appearance.

Small size men's dress shoes for trans man

Small size men's dressshoes

Small size men's boots half high

Small halfhigh men's boots

Small size men's loafers for trans man

Small size men's loafers

Small size men's casual shoes

Small size casual shoes


Do you have any question about size or fit? Please call or mail us. Our Stravers Team is glad to help you!

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