Terms & Conditions

Your creditcard will only be billed for the purchase price and shipping costs, when payment is approved and your articles are shipped. In addition to Adyen (the payment provider) information, the name, website or other indentifiers of Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF will appear on your creditcard statement for your reference.


After accepting the payment, we do our best to deliver the article as soon as possible. But always before the 30th day after accepting your order/payment. The time depends on the country. In any case, Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF, will not take responsibility for any damage, loss or delay in transportation and delivery of the articles. It is impossible for us to check this abroad. If Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF can not deliver the articles in 30 days you have the right to cancel the order and Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF will refund the full amount you paid. Deliveries signed for receipt, be considered as received by customer and are final.


You have the possibility to exchange or return the articles within 14 days after you have received the shoes. You can send the articles to exchange free of charge for an other size, model or return. Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF will, after receiving and checking, exchange articles free of charge or refund the purchase price and shipping costs within 14 days. Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF will not refund money or exchange articles, if the articles are used or damaged. The shoes have to be in the same condition as we sent them to you. Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF will not refund costs made by you to return the articles. Special offers and reduced articles have limited warranty. Articles have 3 months warranty after receipt under normal use. Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF gives no warranty when the damage is the result of incorrect use, careless use or natural wear and tear. Also she must receipt and see the article first, to judge if the article is qualified for guarantee. Prices are included VAT. Return of articles only by normal post with receipt, so Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF can check them. Payments by delivery will not be accepted by Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF. For returned articles in a taped box and not in packing paper, as Stravers Shoes have sent them, we have to charge you €7,50 for repackaging and relabelling. Also for not mentioning your name or IBANnumber there will be charged €5,- administration fee for the time to find out this data.


Must be sent to Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF.

Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF has the right to repair the goods in an acceptable time.

When the complaint is a construction fault that can be repaired, Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF has the right to repair the article.

When the article is unrepairable you will get a new article or Stravers Luxury shoes VOF will refund your purchase price and shipping costs.

Decisions on complaints are made by Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF and/or by the producer of the shoes. You will be informed about the decision as soon as possible, but always before the 30th day after receipt by Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF.

Prices, terms and conditions on the site of Stravers Luxury Shoes VOF, can be different from the shop.

Returns, complaints, exchange of shoes or making use of the warranty are only accepted when the purchase receipt is showed.

Do you have any questions about return or exchange articles? Please contact us.