Info about small size pumps

Pumps and court shoes - with or without high heels and/or straps for women with small size feet.

Make yourself tall! Pumps with platform and high heel are ideally suited for small size feet. You will be a lot longer, but because of the platform it remains a comfortable heel height.

Pumps with ankle strap or instep strap are very feminine and perfect to give attention to your beautiful ankles, but also ideal for women with slender heels. There are also elegant pumps with low heels with cross strap or T-strap.

We have pumps with plateau sole and hidden platform as well. With or without peeptoes.

Looking for higher heels? There are also pumps on stiletto heels and pumps on stylish high heels.

Would you rather not have a high heel? There are also pumps with a comfortable mid heel in small size.

We have pumps for small feet in the sizes:

UK: Size 0, Size 0.5, Size 1 & Size 2

USA: Size 1, Size 2, Size 2.5 & Size 3.5

EU: Size 32, Size 33, Size 34 & Size 35