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Ballerinas in Large sizes

Ballerina shoes in a large size can be found at the Stravers brand! These flat shoes are a mix of elegance & comfort. Ballerina's also called flats, can easily be worn with a chic or business outfit, but also very feminine with a nice dress, after your heels have become just too much of a good thing. Unique! Stravers has super soft leather ballerinas in large sizes from size 9 to even size 12, 13 and size 14! You can easily buy them online in various fashion colors.

UK Sizes: 8, 9, 9.5, 10 & 11

US Sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12 & 12.5

EU Sizes: 42, 43, 44, 45 & 46

Ballerinas, Ballet pumps and ballet flats

Fashionable ballerina shoes cannot be left out of your shoe collection. You can wear them with anything. They always give your outfit a stylish and elegant touch. Plus, they are very comfortable to wear.

When you wear heels, it's comfortable to have a pair ballerinas with you in your handbag. Just in case...

All of our ballerinas are made from soft leather. Our ballerinas are adjusted for the perfect fit.

You can shop here your ballet flats in large sizes. You can choose from many luxurious ballerinas with the highest quality. Stravers designs the shoes and they are made in well known European factories. We follow the latest trends at designers events and shows. Stravers adds sophisticated and modern details to the ballerina shoe. You can wear them all day and every day of the year.

Recently we added even size 12 and 13 to our ballerinas collection.

You can choose the ballerinas from the following sizes:

UK: Size 8, Size 9, Size 9,5, Size 10 & Size 11 & Size 12 & Size 13

USA: Size 9, Size 10, Size 11, Size 12 & Size 12.5 & Size 13.5 & Size 14

EU: Size 42, Size 43, Size 44 & Size 46 & Size 47 & Size 48