Luxury Italian moccasins for women in larger sizes.

The original handmade moccasins from the brand Stravers Shoes are made in Italy. The country that is famous for making luxurious ladies moccasins. Beautiful timeless moccasins for women, made from luxurious soft leathers. In plain suede's and soft calf leather for sensitive feet or for the woman who loves to wear a soft shoe.

How are the larger sizes mocassins made? Original handmade moccasins are made in a different way than shoes. Moccasins have a more expensive and labour-intensive way of manufacture. Not many factories can make real original moccasins because this requires a lot of investment and knowledge.

Our modern larger size moccasins collection for women with larger feet consists of timeless basic moccasins in luxurious nappa leather on leather soles and moccasins with a rubber flexible Italian stud sole and a slightly firmer block sole. All very comfortable flat shoes.

In our moccasins collection you'll find moccasins with fancy prints in black and white, open Paisley Design, Birgitte Bardot-like prints and plain suede. Looking for silver? Even silver and bronze moccasins are available in our Italian collection.